čtvrtek 28. března 2013

Stitch me Up! Blog Hop - my turn:-)


I hope you did not forget I participated in my first blog hop organised by Madam Samm from Sew We Quilt last year. I made lovely table runner with cups.

I love embroidery so I was excited that Madam Samm is organising blog hop with embroidery. I want to thank to Debbie from Busy as can Be, Cyndi from Stitch Stitch Stitch, Jane from Janes Fabrics and Madame Samm for so beautifull embroidery patterns and for organising the blog hop.

It was so hard to choose from so many lovely patterns. My little girl wanted to have small pillow (she loves small pillows - I think she could not fit to her bed but she sleeps with all of her softies dogs, cats, dolls and pillows so well as a small birdie in her nest:-) ), so I give her the patterns and she choose the one with flowers.

My scrappy floss box

I decided to make it scrappy - I have so many scraps - do you too? And I have many scrap embroidery threads from different projects and kits also. So why do not have scrappy embroidery on the scrappy pillow? 


First I started with pink version. I love the stitching time. Thank you for such nice pattern. My little was picking her preferred colors - so it is not just my work..

When I nearly finished the pink pillow we went for winter holliday with my nieces - two little girls. I think you know, what happened... Yes - I have to stitch two more pillows for these little fairies as well:-)) One wanted the pink one, the smallest purple. As my daughter loves them so much, she decided to have blue one:-))) 

I am sorry but the purple version is not finished yet.... My nieces have birthdays in April so I have to hurry a bit, but I am pretty sure they all have their pillows in their nests soon:-))
Thank you for visiting my blog. Please be sure to check also other blogs on top of this page - the ladies are so talented and creative.


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